Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Sunday Sept. 15 - Sketching the Chateau Laurier

Please join the Ottawa Urban Sketchers on Sunday September 15th, from noon (to 3 p.m.) at Major's Hill Park for an afternoon of sketching the historic Chateau Laurier hotel in Ottawa

Photo credit: Michel Rathwell; Flickr; 2010 Labelled: Creative Commons (C.C. BY 2.0)

The Friends of Chateau Laurier and Heritage Ottawa have organized this event

The Chateau Laurier has been a great source inspiration for Ottawa Urban Sketchers!
Artist/Ottawa Urban sketcher Merlyna Lim's sketch of the Chateau Laurier was featured!!!

Ottawa Urban Sketchers featured in the April 2019 issue of "Drawing Attention"
 From the Eventbrite page:
"With outstanding architecture, the Château Laurier forms an intrinsic part of the historic urban landscape and distinctive character at the heart of Canada’s Capital. Many of you are aware of the controversy over the design for the extension of the Château Laurier as well as the call for a reconsideration – led by the Friends of the Chateau Laurier and Heritage Ottawa. In pressing for reconsideration of the design, let’s gather to commemorate the still incomparable view of the Château from Major's Hill Park. Bring your easel, drawing board or camera, to capture its beauty, and to illustrate your support for this iconic National Historic site. Join us on Sunday September 15, from noon (rain or shine).

In addition to drawing or sketching or photographing that day, participants could bring a picnic lunch (or try the wonderful nearby terrace of the ‘Tavern on the Hill’, within Major’s Hill Park They also have live music on Sunday afternoons...).

Look for the Ottawa Urban Sketchers Sign on Major's Hill Park

The Ottawa Urban Sketchers group will check in at noon
and again at 3 pm to share our sketches at the end of the day.
There are so many beautiful views of the Chateau Laurier
(from Major Hill Park, the canal, the path around Parliament etc)
and we hope that sketchers will connect and share at the noon and 3 pm checkins
at the Colonel John By Statue (location in red star below)

2016 Bike-n-sketch: (1 hour) Cindi Moynahan-Foreman
Meanwhile, as background, here is the link to the outstanding video produced by fellow volunteers: ‘What’s Next for the Château Laurier?.’

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