Saturday, March 30, 2019

March Update

Even though there’s freezing rain and snow this weekend, we are still making plans to get outside and sketch Ottawa.

Latest update:

  1. We have contacted the Art House Cafe to schedule a weekend midday coffee sketch meet-up. If weather permits, we can sketch outdoors, if not, the coffee is great and we will sketch indoors. Check out the last time we sketched there:…/sketching-at-ot 
  2. Ottawa Urban Sketcher Mike has submitted some more book reviews that will be posted this weekend. The list is here: 
  3. There’s a possibility of scheduling another Shari Blaukopf workshop (after June) if there is interest. Everyone loved the last one and you can read about it here:…/thank-you-shari… 
  4. Looking to schedule an April or May sketch event at the Experimental Farm. Check out our last visit to the farm here:…/what-great-day-… 
  5. I’m hoping to post a wonderful surprise about our great group - The Ottawa Urban Sketchers - in April! Stay tuned!

If you have any suggestions for events that would be interesting to sketch, please send them to me

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