Monday, April 18, 2016

What a GREAT Day at the Farm!

On Sunday April 17th, the Ottawa urban sketchers group went Sketching at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. We chose Sunday because on Saturday there were lots of activities scheduled and we wanted to miss the crowds. Not a chance! The weather was beautiful and the farm was packed! That added to the fun!

Note the urban sketcher at the bottom left sketching the entrance gate
There was a great turn out, many sketchers showing up to sketch inside the farm while many others seized the beautiful day to bicycle and sketch the perimeter around the outside of the farm.

Below I have posted a very small sampling of  sketches posted to our facebook event page but please visit that page to see them all.

We would like to thank the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum for being so welcoming and accommodating towards the artists on this busy and beautiful Sunday. We hope to visit again!

Sketching in the small animal barn
Sketches by artist Trish W.
Artist Sophie L. sketch of the building
More sketches of the buildings by artist Colin White

Artist Colin W. sketches on the facebook page

Artist Suvitha R. sketch of the hay bale decoration at the farm.
Quite a few of us were super excited to sketch the two new Clydsedales(Paul and Padrig, who arrived on St. Patrick's Day) and below, artist Jaymie Dylan makes the first sketch.

Artist Jaymie D. sketching the new Clydesdale
Sketches by artist Jaymie D.
Sketching in the small animal barn
Sketches of the newborns by artist Diane D.
Artist Leisl G. sketching in the small animal barn
We NEVER mind if artists can't stay the full day like artist Leisl Gallagher. We understand. And even though she did not stay long - she still managed to do a LOT of great sketches in a short amount of time.

Sketching the cattle paddock
Artist Cindi F. sketch inside the dairy barn
Artist Diane D.sketching the horse paddock

Sketch by artist Gillian RT
Artists Gillian and Matt sketching the Clydesdales from the comfy bench at the farm
More Ottawa Sketching Events.  

Now that the weather is warming, stay tuned for plenty more sketching events. 

If you would like to join us, be sure to join our facebook group and/or look for the #urbansketchers hashtag on twitter (also #USkYOW) and/or sign up to follow this blog by email (add your email in the space provided on the right)

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