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April 17 - Sketching at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (CAFM)
To be on a farm in spring time! The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (CAFM) is the location for our next Ottawa Urban Sketching event on April 17 from 11 am to 5 pm

Confirm your attendance and/or share our facebook event here:

Sketch the Spring Animal Arrivals!

Meet and sketch the Toggenburg goats that were born March 20 or meet the new lambs (heritage breed: Rideau Arcott) born March 19 or the new Ewe (a Hampshire sheep) that recently arrived on the farm!

Or sketch the new Clydesdales, Paul and Padrig, who arrived on St. Patrick's Day. (Padrig is the Welsh spelling of Patrick!)

Reminder to please be respectful of the animals. When sketching do not get too close or do anything sudden (such as quick movements) or make any loud noises that could cause stress for the animals.

Spring arrivals at the museum found on the CAFM instagram

Sketch the Historic Buildings
Sketch the historic structures like the Cereal Barn, the Dairy Barn, the Meadowview barn or the small animal barn. And there are lots of tractors to sketch on the second floor of the dairy barn.

Cereal Barn: Photo Source: Wikipedia: List of historic places in Ottawa

Main Dairy Barn: Photo Source: Wikipedia: List of historic places in Ottawa

Small Dairy Barn: Photo Source: Wikipedia: List of historic places in Ottawa
In the event that we have more than 16 attendees confirmed on the facebook event, we may be able to negotiate a different rate for admission with the museum.

In the event of a rainy day, the sketching will be restricted to the indoor venues on the farm.

Map Source: Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

The Details
  • When: Sunday April 17, 2016.from 11 am to 5 pm. Arrive when you can and stay for one hour or until 5 pm
  • Admission Cost: Urban sketching events are free. The only times that the Agricultural museum is free is daily between 4 pm and 5 pm. NB: We tried to reserve a date with the museum and get a discounted admission, however,  we were informed that a minimum fee does apply for groups under 16 participants. (If you cannot afford the admission fee, please direct message (DM) @cindiforeman on twitter. If you can afford to contribute to support another urbansketcher's attendance, should the need arise, please DM me.)We are scheduling this on the weekend and therefore there are costs as follows:
  • Show and Tell: Meet inside the Learning Center at 4:30 to share your sketches or to see other sketchers' work and take a group photo (voluntary)
  • How to get there: The museum is located at (901) Prince of Wales Drive (parking lot location). The Museum is accessible by public transit, and there is plenty of parking for both bikes and cars.
  • Misc: Bathrooms are conveniently located throughout the farm, in each building, including the exhibition space on the second floor of the Dairy Barn. There are also vending machines for hot and cold beverages and light snacks in the learning center.
  • Museum Rules: Cameras are permitted at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. However, please remember that this is a working farm, exposed to the elements and sometimes harsh conditions. Also, please be respectful of the animals. Getting too close or being too aggressive in your attempt to get a picture could cause them stress. Small collapsible stools are permitted as long as they do not interfere with the other visitors.
  • Protect yourself and the animals by practising biosecurity. Biosecurity is the word we use for simple, inexpensive steps that prevent the introduction and spread of diseases. Learn about biosecurity and the precautions you can take to protect yourself and the Museum’s animals. Download this PDF from the Canada Food Inspection Agency prior to your visit.
  • Official website: and Friends of the Farm
Follow the museum on twitter @AgMuseum

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