Friday, February 12, 2016

A Great Night of Sketching at the Carleton Tavern

"The Carleton" sketch above by artist Colin White

About twenty urban sketchers stopped over at the Carleton Tavern on the chilly, snowy night of February 10. 

Ottawa urban sketchers get busy

Sketchers arrived when they could and stayed for as long as they were able.
The tavern staff were warm and welcoming and the place really filled up with the Carleton regular patrons as the night went on.

Sometimes the sketchers become the subject matter for other sketchers.
This was the case with artist Mawt Trood.
To see some of the sketches that Ottawa urban sketchers shared, visit our facebook event page (click here) or our facebook group page (click here)

Below is a sample of some of the sketches that were shared on the facebook event page:

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