Monday, December 14, 2015

Documentary: Forgotten Spaces by Justin Nalepa

This is an 8-minute video by filmmaker Justin Nalepa 
of Ottawa urban sketchers who spent last summer 
urban sketching Ottawa's "Forgotten Spaces" 

Filmmaker Justin Nalepa says, "I'm very proud to share with you my latest documentary, Forgotten Spaces. A huge thanks goes out to Colin White for all his help in bringing together an amazing group of people and leading us on a journey around Ottawa's alleyways.
"Alleyways in Ottawa are forgotten spaces. They serve as loading zones, garbage pickup and areas for bar staff to smoke. More interestingly, they serve as rudimentary pedestrian zones. People use them to get off main streets or create shortcuts. There is a strange beauty in the aesthetic: because they are not being officially presented to the public, they are often decayed and decrepit. Alleys display the hidden operational needs of a city: dumpsters, scary bundles of hydro wires, venting and piping, grim and grease traps." - Colin White 

Featuring the remarkable works of Emma Cochrane, Marc Adornato, Mawt Trood, Kristina Corre, Cindi Foreman, Anthony Parravano, Colin White, Stephen Frew, Beccy Murphy and Chris Roussakis.

The Artists

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