Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Great Day in Ottawa's ByWard Market

It was a cool, crisp morning so the group decided to sketch the courtyards first starting with the Beaux-Arts Court where the cast iron angel  is located.

Sketch by Cindi Moynahan-Foreman of cast iron angel in the Beaux-Arts Court  

It was quite sunny when we arrived and folks managed to do a few quick sketches before it started to get a little windy.

Sketchers in the Beaux-Arts Court  
We decided to warm ourselves up and sketch inside while having scones, tea and coffee at the Planet Coffee in the Clarendon courtyard.

The first "Official SketchCrawl" photo of the day at Planet Coffee
The market was filled with beautiful fall colours and the vendors created wonderful displays. Everywhere there were beautiful, bright orange pumpkins! There were lots of shoppers and buskers. There was so much to sketch it was hard to choose.

Sketch by artist Jaymie Dylan

Vendor's booth  on ByWard St
Sketch by artist Mari Brown Virtanen

Plenty of pumpkins
Sketch by artist Suvitha Ramaswamy

Everyone met for lunch at noon (at the Byward Market Moulin De Provence Bakery ) and some more sketchers joined us there for the afternoon.

The second "Official SketchCrawl" photo of the day at Moulin De Provence Bakery
Sketch by artist Alain Godbout

After lunch, Ottawa artist Laurie Foster sat inside the Tea Shop and sketched this beautiful sketch of the ByWard Market's Moulin De Provence bakery which was across the street:

Sketch by artist Laurie Foster
Artists Kerstin and Mari stop to sketch vendors outside Le Moulin de Provence bakery

The second level of the Byward Market building provided an extra challenge for sketchers. This angle from upstairs was challenging and the whimsical, papier mâché cloud called, "McClintock’s Dream" added interest and fun!

Sketch by artist Mari Brown Virtanen

Upper level of Byward Market & McClintock's Dream
Sketch by artist Alain Godbout

A few sketchers decided to sketch York St. from the second level of the parking building. It was a perfect vantage point and sheltered from the wind!

Sketching York St. from the parking building

Walking to the Irish Village for our final check-in

The third and final "Un-Official SketchCrawl" photo of the day at the Heart and Crown

Sketch by artist Alain Godbout

The temperature fluctuated throughout the day with great, grey rain clouds coming and going, but the rain held off for us thankfully!

It was a great group of folks who seem keen to meet again and do more sketching so stay tuned for the next Ottawa sketchcrawl.

Sketch by artist Cindi Moynahan-Foreman

If you are interested in seeing what other artists at SketchCrawls around the world did on October 24, 2015 for the 49th WW SketchCrawl - visit this link


  1. Thanks for organizing the event. Very enjoyable experience with wonderful people.

    1. Thanks for helping to organize the event and spread the word Alain - it was so nice to spend the day sketching with you and the wonderful group of artists!

  2. Replies
    1. Missed you this time Diane - hope to see you at the next one!